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6 to Z, 10 from A

~ cryptically stating something plain ~

Max steals the show
guess, psych
Just finished watching 'The Grinch' with my dad and younger sister, and it's really not what I expected.

At the end of the movie, my sister turned to me and said:
"Well, there wasn't much story at all."

I couldn't agree more. For me, the best part about the story was Max. Max wins the award for best dog. Hands down, no contest. The show was worth watching just to get to know Max. (I want a Max of my own now so bad. :3)

Take Max out ... and the story is meh.

Tread lightly, for beyond this lies spoilers.Collapse )

In short, the backstory was weak, buildup was inconsistent, and the resolution was very abrupt. As the central main character, the Grinch's character evolution was just not handled well enough to support the entire production.

My rating: 5/10
The movie as a whole is still watchable, but I would not rewatch it nor really recommend it to others. Animation values are amazing, and the soundtrack works well enough. That said, I do wish they had casted someone else to do the narration. Pharell Williams' voice was just a shade too light to carry Seuss off with aplomb.