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6 to Z, 10 from A

~ cryptically stating something plain ~

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Necessity is the mother of invention
Necessity: Squeaky bike requires fixing. Annoyance factor aside, all that friction with the wheel-frame has got to be detrimental to the lifespan of my back tire.

The problem: The hook of my-wheel frame which connects to the screw of my tire-frame is loose due to some damage to the hook. As a result, it sits at an odd angle and causes the screw to be easily unhinged. The whole set-up just looks...precarious. >.<

Innovation in progress......

1st solution: Tightening the screw. [Status: FAILED. Pressure from hook eventually undoes the tightening.]

2nd solution: Cloth tie. [Status: FAILED. Cloth rips. Hook shifts back.]

3rd solution: Get a longer screw. [Status: Semi-successful. It holds better and seems less likely to disengage from frame. Still, moans from tire persists as the hook is still not staying where it should.]

solution 3.1: Use a sturdier tie than cloth to stabilize hook. [Status: SUCCESS (probable). Polyester string is thin enough to slip in between hook and frame, and its package claims that it can withstand up to 45kg of pressure. Current status looks promising.]

Side story:
For step 3, I had to visit a bike repair shop to get a suitable screw. The bike repairman was really kind. Though he didn't speak much English, and I didn't speak much Finnish, we were able to communicate via gestures. :p Always fun. I could tell he was rather puzzled at the condition of the hook, but he did his best to tighten the screw as much as possible. At the end, when I asked about payment, he just smiled and said 'ei tarvitsen' (no need). Not everyone may agree, but I do think the Finnish in general are a pretty friendly and helpful bunch. ^-^