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6 to Z, 10 from A

~ cryptically stating something plain ~

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bonk, whut
'Cliffhanger' is one of those words which I feel captures the essence of what it is trying to convey perfectly.

As you follow the path of a story, you can just see it coming up ahead - a cliff. A cliff of unknown depth. Most good stories have several of these cliff-faces, otherwise known as suspense-points, and it is rare to be truly blindsided by one. If you begun the journey knowing the story was incomplete, then at this point, you have a choice. Do you speed up and embrace your fate of dangling over an abyss for an inderterminate amount of time? Or do you slow down and find a more stable viewing spot and resist traversing those final few inches to the edge?

I tend to choose the latter because I know myself. Ciffhangers drive me nuts. Sometimes though, they just cannot be avoided. Whether due to one of those rare instances of an unexpected twist and drop, or just because too much momentum had been built up along the way. When that happens, I careen onto the edge. My mind spins with 'what ifs' and 'how comes', and I almost feel the suspense like a physical itch under my skin. It makes me restless and unfocused, and my regular train of thought is highly prone to being hijacked for a couple of days. One minute I would be working on an assignment or cooking or what-not, and the next my mind's eye is staring out into the depths over the cliff-edge once again.

And so I hang. My metaphorical muscles are tensed in anticipation, stuck in constant fight-or-flight, unsure what lies beyond the edge. Is there a heartless drop beyond the darkness? Is there solid ground underneath the shadows? It's all conjecture at this point.

Gyah. Darn those cliffhangers.

P/S: The particular cliffhanger I'm referring to at the moment is that of Daiya no A. I've been hanging on this cliff for at least a week, and it is still bothering me enough that I am actually writing about it now. I want to see Sawamura get that freaking ace-number sooooo bad. Thing is, I'm pretty sure it won't happen for quite a few chapters yet, and it is also not set in stone......but still! Gyah.