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It is I, Collector of Games
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So......it may not have been very obvious through my intermittent posting here, but I'm crazy over games. I love games in general, but I do have a special fondness for card games and board games over video games. I like puzzling out how they work, and the social component of games is always a plus.

Anyway, throughout the years, travelling around and making friends, I've gathered quite a collection of games into my repertoire of fun. Some games are played more often than others, and some are rarely ever called up to action. Every once in a blue moon, there comes an occasion where a long side-lined game is suddenly required, and I find myself struggling to dredge up the meat of the games along with its skeleton. And so......

Why not keep a record of the games here? Typing them up helps me remember them better, and a cloud copy would be a useful archive anyway. Additionally, games are meant to be shared, and I hope the write-up of these games will come in handy someday, somewhere, for somebody out there.

You're welcome. ;p

The Games List
[This list will be updated as I continue this project.]

Card Games


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