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Max steals the show
guess, psych
Just finished watching 'The Grinch' with my dad and younger sister, and it's really not what I expected.

At the end of the movie, my sister turned to me and said:
"Well, there wasn't much story at all."

I couldn't agree more. For me, the best part about the story was Max. Max wins the award for best dog. Hands down, no contest. The show was worth watching just to get to know Max. (I want a Max of my own now so bad. :3)

Take Max out ... and the story is meh.

The backstory did not make a whole lot of sense. The writers for the movie were obviously trying to give the Grinch a softer side to make him more relatable, but they made him so nice in private that it made no sense whatsoever that he would have been able to scrounge up enough hate and hurt to go so far as to steal Christmas just to spite those who would dare to be happy while he wallowed in his misery. In the original poem by Dr. Seuss, the Grinch hardly treated Max very well. The only mention we had of Max was when the grinch made him be the reindeer for his sled in his big heist. And in the accompanying illustrations for that part, Max did not look like a happy dog. In contrast, in this movie, Max is a very, very, very happy dog, who is very, very, very well-treated by the Grinch. The writers made Max out to be the Grinch's only acknowledged friend for most of the movie. Also, the movie introduced a side plot where the Grinch went out in search of reindeer and captured Fred, only to release him later when Fred's family came searching for him. Now, does this sound like someone who could be mean enough to steal Christmas? Also, this really contradicts the underlying plotline given where the Grinch is said to have a heart two sizes too small.

Besides that, there were other elements added to flesh the story out further. Which is fair, considering how bare-bones the original work was, but I don't think the writers did a very good job of tying things together. All the characters with their stories and personalities were adorable, but the storytelling as a whole felt very contrived and unrealistic. I mean, not that I expected a Seuss production to be firmly rooted in reality, but I would still like for the emotional whimsicality of it to make some narrative sense. One of the major issues I had was how easily the Grinch adjusted to interacting with people again at the end after his so-called 53 years of isolation.

In short, the backstory was weak, buildup was inconsistent, and the resolution was very abrupt. As the central main character, the Grinch's character evolution was just not handled well enough to support the entire production.

My rating: 5/10
The movie as a whole is still watchable, but I would not rewatch it nor really recommend it to others. Animation values are amazing, and the soundtrack works well enough. That said, I do wish they had casted someone else to do the narration. Pharell Williams' voice was just a shade too light to carry Seuss off with aplomb.